Dream Home Lottery - Rotary Club of Grande Prairie


Dream Home Lottery

Dream Home opens December 27 in Taylor Estates, Grande Prairie

Tickets on sale this Christmas


The 25th annual Dream Home will feature solar energy.  Solar Concepts will install 12 Solar Modules on the south facing roof. The system size is 3.24kW.

The system will produce approximately 4068kWh per year. That’s 56% of the annual usage of a typical Alberta home . The Dream Home of course is a bit larger than an average home,  so we estimate 35% to 40% of the homes electricity needs annually will come from these Solar Modules.

The Modules will be tied into the grid, so there are no “batteries”.  If excess energy is created, it goes into the grid.   When the home needs energy above what the Modules provide, it pulls from the grid.

The Array will have 12 Micro Inverters (Micro Inverters convert the DC electricity to AC electricity) and can be monitored by simply downloading an app to your smart phone

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