Dream Home Lottery - Rotary Club of Grande Prairie


Dream Home Lottery

Dream Home opens December 27 in Taylor Estates, Grande Prairie

Tickets on sale this Christmas


And the winners are…drum roll please.

(If you are a winner click here)

PrizePrize #First NameLast NameTicket #
Dream Home1HowardMcPherson3213
2010 Explorer Sport Trac2ShaneCassell3211
TADA TXL Holiday Trailer3KlintEvaskevich919
Great Wall of China Tour4BrentWilley10621
Beachcomber Hot Tub5Angus and DebbieSutherland9579
Cuba Vacation6AftonWrzosek12262
VIP Kakwa Helicopter Tour7GailLane20931
Craftsman Garage Set8JCarter303
Samsung 3D Plasma TV9RonSlootweg12282
Horizon Treadmill10BruceRobinson10955
Pizza for a Year11James and AaronHoward5660
Patio Set12AndreLavoie5256
AFG Elliptical Trainer13Leona and Denisquelletta8867
Bud Country Fever VIP Package14KirkNelson14245
Bud Country Fever VIP Package15DebStewyk20936
Bud Country Fever VIP Package16RuthFinch619
Large Gourmet BBQ & Accessories17EricLee11334
Bushnell Telescope18BrendonFriesen10229
Bushnell Telescope19SteveZimmerman18372
Bushnell Telescope20EJRudiger18291
Bushnell Telescope21BeverlyMcLeod4204
Bushnell Telescope22Victor and JaquelineCloutier8198
Samsung Netbook Laptop Computer23Myrtis and GordonMitchell3468
Samsung Netbook Laptop Computer24JamieGrerg1837
Samsung Netbook Laptop Computer25KevinLenes8313
Samsung Netbook Laptop Computer26ClintPeterson9357
Samsung Netbook Laptop Computer27TammyBartlett12255
Samsung Netbook Laptop Computer28DougSchwandt2626
Samsung Netbook Laptop Computer29RosalieSeymour5428
Samsung Netbook Laptop Computer30BerniceLothamme10974
Samsung Netbook Laptop Computer31LeonaOake4766
Samsung Netbook Laptop Computer32MSchool9497
Blue Ray Home Theatre System33CathySmith4134
Poker Table Set34WandaCalahasen14536
Poker Table Set35Carmel and GuuyBexson19491
Poker Table Set36Richard & MargaretNasedkin9514
Poker Table Set37Joe & HildaMayo1324
Poker Table Set38Chrissy, Josh & EllaCameron3461
Poker Table Set39RobertLandry18917
Poker Table Set40PascalBousquet20966
Poker Table Set41DamenMcKeaknie8513
Poker Table Set42DaveLockren10649
Poker Table Set43RhondaWinia4006
Photofinishing for a Year44TerryDavidson11113
Photofinishing for a Year45ShellySteer20687
His and Hers Luxury Robes46MarcelArscnault9058
Sounds Around Stereo System47Jason JangJustin Monroe20222
Sounds Around Stereo System48JordieWatson12938
Sounds Around Stereo System49Ken and MaureenSask13875
Sounds Around Stereo System50Doug and JanetNilzforuk11908
Sounds Around Stereo System51Brian Carr and Daryl Mach 12763
Astro Start Car Starter52VicEmpson12160
Astro Start Car Starter53SharleneFyfe11577
Astro Start Car Starter54BillMcMullan19713
Astro Start Car Starter55AdaMc<ullan19443
Astro Start Car Starter56Jim and MJAldred11037
Astro Start Car Starter57GaryDizak9529
Astro Start Car Starter58DennisKramer1675
Astro Start Car Starter59Roy and GailSchmelzer8346
Astro Start Car Starter60Lynsey Bell and Mike Dalen 8497
Astro Start Car Starter61JohnMatheson19519
Ladies Posh Lingerie Package62YvetteFrancois10451
A (Brief) Men’s Package63BillSchneider10926
Samsung Camcorder Video Camera64larryAdams2932
Samsung Blue Ray Player65JoyceJeuneau3961
Samsung Blue Ray Player66CerenaDurell8471
Samsung Blue Ray Player67DebbieMcCallem10789
Samsung Blue Ray Player68Karena Blachford and Brad Langdon 13495
Samsung Blue Ray Player69RogerHebert12761
Samsung Blue Ray Player70Darren and CatherineUnger20642
Samsung Blue Ray Player71DannySommerville1540
Samsung Blue Ray Player72TylerSiebert9187
Samsung Blue Ray Player73BrendaCurtis2936
Samsung Blue Ray Player74MalissaWhite735
Samsung Blue Ray Player75MelissaMenard13886
Samsung Blue Ray Player76FredSchneider4348
Samsung Blue Ray Player77Brian Murray 4710
Samsung Blue Ray Player78BrendaHowell19031
Samsung Blue Ray Player79KevinGillman12138
Samsung Blue Ray Player80EarlOliver14082
Samsung Blue Ray Player81KristenGallant10969
Samsung Blue Ray Player82Lionel Beaulieu and Alice Hamelin 6049
Samsung Blue Ray Player83JudyScott3059
Samsung Blue Ray Player84Al McNatt anmd Jaqui Felly 4829
Bra Fitting Sitting85KlintEvaskevich919
Ipod Dock86NeilDowhan4396
Ipod Dock87KathyGoodheart9265
Ipod Dock88FionaMunroe14532
Ipod Dock89RaymondWalker13811
Ipod Dock90DianeMartinson206
Ipod Dock91JamesSenter5448
Ipod Dock92MelissaDean14382
Ipod Dock93jenniferDoucet1367
Ipod Dock94DianeReber12614
Ipod Dock95DarrelRoss8133
Panasonic Digital Camera96DonnaGeherman18518
Panasonic Digital Camera97leoBundschuh18102
Panasonic Digital Camera98Waynepetrowich20782
Panasonic Digital Camera99Cam and AngieRitchie4615
Panasonic Digital Camera100LindaCarter18997
Panasonic Digital Camera101MGourley1899
Panasonic Digital Camera102Len and MysteKruger9229
Panasonic Digital Camera103Alisonhaynes4749
Panasonic Digital Camera104Troy and SharonDerscheid9434
Panasonic Digital Camera105JeremyStiles11461
Panasonic Digital Camera106GlenHamilton8679
Panasonic Digital Camera107TylerSiebert9187
Panasonic Digital Camera108JessicaVandenberghe8289
Panasonic Digital Camera109GeorgProchazka9886
Panasonic Digital Camera110DaveMcRae11211
Panasonic Digital Camera111DerekBouraga11422
Panasonic Digital Camera112Dustin amd SusanStrin8792
Panasonic Digital Camera113KenGorgichuk19955
Panasonic Digital Camera114StanThew125
Panasonic Digital Camera115Alicia and ChrisBurderr3528
Panasonic Digital Camera116CarlLindon13371
Panasonic Digital Camera117LorraineGagnon1861
Panasonic Digital Camera118Ernest and MelindaTrudel2003
Panasonic Digital Camera119RobynSheperd19863
Panasonic Digital Camera120Steve and TammySchneider877
Panasonic Digital Camera121Fletcher and DianeBootle8496
Panasonic Digital Camera122FredLobay18442
Panasonic Digital Camera123Lynn and JudyBittner3385
Panasonic Digital Camera124BMiddleton1290
Panasonic Digital Camera125Scott and ChristyYoung13471
Panasonic Digital Camera126Albertde Villiers5787
Panasonic Digital Camera127JamesCossy2186
Panasonic Digital Camera128Wayneand KerriBadger10522
Panasonic Digital Camera129CindyWheeler2630
Panasonic Digital Camera130Kendra and CraigStewart807
Panasonic Digital Camera131DarleneHorseman5007
Panasonic Digital Camera132BobDonofrio9754
Panasonic Digital Camera133RaymondDupres8997
Panasonic Digital Camera134DionBuchiwski8954
Panasonic Digital Camera135TonyTaylor11134
Panasonic Digital Camera136margaretMcDowell3357
Panasonic Digital Camera137KurtRobinson14315
Panasonic Digital Camera138DianaOlderslog11891
Panasonic Digital Camera139SeanO’Toole9962
Panasonic Digital Camera140Avis and RayMartin929
Panasonic Digital Camera141JoeTindale11546
Panasonic Digital Camera142ElsieMcQuiag12376
Panasonic Digital Camera143RobertVargo20527
Panasonic Digital Camera144FrankBaker13565
Panasonic Digital Camera145Kara and RobertRipco1404
Digital Photo Frame146MandyPrince12803
Digital Photo Frame147BrendaJones20400
Digital Photo Frame148HelenFord10417
Digital Photo Frame149DonnaKinnon3464
Digital Photo Frame150ChadBradburg19744
Digital Photo Frame151TracyScott8554
Digital Photo Frame152MartinHanam4083
Digital Photo Frame153Miles IreneRellerin456
Digital Photo Frame154ConnieMasse3033
Digital Photo Frame155ColinConrad18744
Digital Photo Frame156JustinMcDougall339
Digital Photo Frame157DonLevie1326
Digital Photo Frame158DolanGoodswimmer14476
Digital Photo Frame159DarcyLawsonl2475
Digital Photo Frame160LouisRoy986
Digital Photo Frame161TammieCouture3972
Digital Photo Frame162MikeWolfe3952
Digital Photo Frame163JoyceMalloy8784
Digital Photo Frame164ShaunaWhite20262
Digital Photo Frame165MatthewPrince18355
Digital Photo Frame166DaveThomas3796
Digital Photo Frame167BrittanyWayland6288
Digital Photo Frame168Donand SusanStrin8792
Digital Photo Frame169MurrayToews13272
Digital Photo Frame170MarkCatling13448
100 Just Beachy Gift Card171RichardZavisha941
100 Just Beachy Gift Card172KarenAdam19022
100 Just Beachy Gift Card173WayneKeith4682
100 Just Beachy Gift Card174RonaldBush415
100 Just Beachy Gift Card175KenBeida14497
100 Just Beachy Gift Card176Butch and KathyDoerkson6154
100 Just Beachy Gift Card177Darryl and DebbieStecyk4179
100 Just Beachy Gift Card178Bruce and  CathyLittle20023
100 Just Beachy Gift Card179BrendonFriesen10226
100 Just Beachy Gift Card180BobJanzen3527
100 Just Beachy Gift Card181TaynaReid9090
100 Just Beachy Gift Card182Carmel and GuuyBexson19495
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card183tammieCouture3972
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card184GordeonSouth12884
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card185Darren and CatherineUnger20866
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card186GaryBran20996
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card187NicoeleLavallee6061
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card188MarcShaw9104
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card189cGood10230
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card190Larry Rautoutrauch and Pat Rigler 12096
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card191ValerieMayne1215
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card192Les and DebbiePellerin13106
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card193BlairMcMurrer1774
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card194KoryUiken2115
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card195RobertCootes20711
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card196TracyPike3904
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card197TrevorBrockington9679
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card198RaymondBoisvert465
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card199GailSchmidt3603
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card200NeilSweetman8981
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card201LaurieDuncan10819
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card202VernonTrump8128
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card203RoseFinlayson3830
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card204Steve and ColleenPenner18490
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card205GordonKrause13195
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card206EfremLibsekal19933
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card207MurrayCochrane2240
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card208RonHeck3983
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card209TerryFord6052
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card210Len and MysteKruger9229
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card211GwenBerg1533
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card212Brian & WendyKelm12988
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card213Kathy & GrahamDawdy2060
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card214RobertSibbeston13804
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card215TedWyclesany5920
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card216Gordon & ShirleyFletcher463
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card217GregoryOppedisano1923
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card218Dave & PatEskdale3604
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card219CathyGuerin4771
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card220Paul & SusanMorrison5740
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card221ShannonJordan20198
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card222BevinSmits10633
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card223Randy & JulieNelson12754
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card224Polly & DarwinHamelin1825
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card225Shirley & RobertMcQuiag5878
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card226Pat & EllenHynes5898
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card227TracyMcLennan10282
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card228RogerObrigewitch9533
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card229RobSpencer10535
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card230KellyBerg4359
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card231PatrickDeblois11911
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card232DeibertLubeck12193
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card233Bill & KarenKluyt10121
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card234BradHauck13954
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card235RobMutz20850
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card236RogerBoivin18421
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card237Jarod & TrudyOkemow13508
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card238Terry LynnSkorberg10513
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card239DanTyrkins13866
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card240MichaelLummerding20314
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card241CoreySimpkins10754
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card242JasonWatson5197
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card243BeaBoutcher11333
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card244DoraWilson12921
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card245JoanLibsekal19950
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card246PatKimble20377
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card247CurtisVanBuskirk12295
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card248GordonAllison2816
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card249TomKinderwater885
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card250MaureenBabnett12556
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card251Joe & VeronicaNovakowski19683
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card252VeraRideout12555
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card253KlausGevenick4389
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card254GerryDion2576
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card255ChristinePasmore5521
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card256Tom Shields RealtyJan Shields20155
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card257Dave Doar& Dianne Fitzpatrick9447
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card258Nina WeardenKen Sieben2396
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card259LaurieDuncan10822
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card260D/M KabynKK Hovelkamp20988
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card261Joy &  RodgerMiddleton3513
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card262Leona &  RodBusl5144
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card263BarryYorke12995
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card264CarolSeeley19417
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card265GregHickok3875
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card266LindaRoss10054
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card267CyrilGurevitch12015
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card268DayleneKelford18175
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card269LorraineDebolt2532
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card270TNMAntypowich20896
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card271DwayneWipf12591
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card272SimoneGagnon13143
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card273CarceyHincz1218
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card274ChrisNemenko8306
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card275SandraWadsworth18129
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card276KarenNunweiler1341
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card277WillieBanman12875
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card278ErinWold13089
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card279DianeGranger4397
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card280JoanneWoodworth5449
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card281Val & JohnShomody1450
$100 Watson’s Foto Source Gift Card282Tracy & WarrenSawatsky20620
$100 Keddie’s Gift Card283KimSandboe2726
$100 Keddie’s Gift Card284RobHayward20641
$100 Keddie’s Gift Card285MichelleCrawford-Bugghins5387
$100 Keddie’s Gift Card286Julie & MikeMolson8253
$100 Keddie’s Gift Card287LucilleAvery2782
$100 Keddie’s Gift Card288JamieDriedger20547
$100 Keddie’s Gift Card289Claude & IreneGirard8865
$100 Keddie’s Gift Card290HeatherSware3366
$100 Keddie’s Gift Card291TimBacker5374
$100 Keddie’s Gift Card292DebPolasek5074
$100 Keddie’s Gift Card293Joy &  RodgerMiddleton3513
$100 Keddie’s Gift Card294KimNormore4016
$100 Keddie’s Gift Card295WandaCalahasen14534
$100 Keddie’s Gift Card296BrendaFleetham2949
$100 Keddie’s Gift Card297JohnBogdanek4406
$100 Keddie’s Gift Card298SteveLarson1955
$100 Keddie’s Gift Card299HeatherMcIlroy9449
$100 Keddie’s Gift Card300WilliamGartner10879
$100 Keddie’s Gift Card301BrendaHowell19031
$100 Keddie’s Gift Card302SchuylerWeber11115
$100 Keddie’s Gift Card303DwayneBiloys10794
$100 Keddie’s Gift Card304DebraMuir11559
$100 Keddie’s Gift Card305BrianNagueira737
$100 Keddie’s Gift Card306CliffordLevall8196
$100 Keddie’s Gift Card307RobMutz20830
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card308JohnMcGowan19760
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card309ScottLanti4339
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card310ColeHafner9131
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card311William & ShirleyLeathem8721
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card312RowenaStewart2671
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card313LarryKaiser19052
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card314TonyRay20321
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card315VicHamel4821
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card316JohnCunningham9748
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card317RicardoHillmann2018
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card318JoeMcCullough13835
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card319Val & WilliamShannon/Bennett5496
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card320SheilaElliot187
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card321LindsayPrice12177
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card322Thomas & VernLovenuk4105
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card323AndreLaferiere12821
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card324GeraldRuddell2014
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card325PatTennant19810
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card326JosephSt. Amour10837
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card327DannySchneider13234
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card328IanMacleod HAY2624
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card329AliceSokoloski20864
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card330GeorgiaStamatopoulos2542
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card331BrianVenance13848
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card332Joy & JacquesLussier1947
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card333DennisOsowetala5261
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card334JennyWilson3499
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card335AndrewWeidlick12360
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card336RandySillito12916
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card337Dave & ShirleyCampbell8557
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card338RandySmashnuk13193
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card339GailWeger13579
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card340AnthonyPeters12435
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card341RonSlootweg12282
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card342DarylDubois4537
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card343BillFerguson3848
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card344RobNeil11681
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card345IanWallace2465
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card346SilviaCabrera Braithwaite1877
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card347GeraldCooke19801
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card348BrendaWalton18740
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card349Paul & KarenLarsson458
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card350YvetteFrancois10451
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card351LaceeO’Connell9612
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card352LauraYawney1719
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card353BrentGabert13221
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card354RoddyKesler12915
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card355RobertHart13583
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card356TonyCifranie8421
$100 Ernie’s Gift Card357PatsyShumard2660
$100 Fashionista Gift Card358FayeMiller6121
$100 Fashionista Gift Card359Carol & DellasWiedman11439
$100 Fashionista Gift Card360JudyBennion9133
$100 Fashionista Gift Card361AmandaHartnell1022
$100 Fashionista Gift Card362MikeHayward10377
$100 Fashionista Gift Card363DaveMacDonald3409
$100 Fashionista Gift Card364DorothySoroka2074
$100 Fashionista Gift Card365GarryWebb6286
$100 Fashionista Gift Card366JamesDouglas11489
$100 Fashionista Gift Card367PhilRichardson2468
$100 Fashionista Gift Card368William & ShirleyLeathem8721
$100 Fashionista Gift Card369LornaWestwich2506
$100 Fashionista Gift Card370CraigMilliken1869
$100 Mirage Gift Card371MeganHalwa13066
$100 Mirage Gift Card372DarleneDahl5838
$100 Mirage Gift Card373JoanneBuss14249
$100 Mirage Gift Card374TraceyVanterve2829
$100 Mirage Gift Card375Rob & LaurieTrarback41
$100 Mirage Gift Card376EllenCoristine1972
$100 Mirage Gift Card377CindyBilodeau13258
$100 Mirage Gift Card378SueDavies4524
$100 Mirage Gift Card379CurtisKyawasew9143
$100 Mirage Gift Card380DerickFehr20804
$100 Anodyne Chiropractic Gift Card381AmandaSawatsky9329
$100 Anodyne Chiropractic Gift Card382BrianConrad20105
$100 Anodyne Chiropractic Gift Card383AndrewPitcher19372
$100 Anodyne Chiropractic Gift Card384GuyHoulc18064
$100 Anodyne Chiropractic Gift Card385PatMcNeil10546
$100 Calista’s Gift Card386MarianneHartman19307
$100 Calista’s Gift Card387ScottKozuback19404
$100 Calista’s Gift Card388SunburstStaff5045
$100 Calista’s Gift Card389Jason JangJustin Monroe20222
$100 Calista’s Gift Card390BudToutant19699
$100 Calista’s Gift Card391Ma LeaniBarungan12203
$100 Calista’s Gift Card392AlisonPitcher9081
$100 Calista’s Gift Card393RyanHaysey8658
$100 Calista’s Gift Card394SamanthaCampbell5039
$100 Calista’s Gift Card395Gord & DonnaKomarnisky11637
$100 Yoga for Every Body396CharlesLirette1166
$100 Yoga for Every Body397WayneOlson5806
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