Dream Home Lottery

Draw is closed. See you in 2017!

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(One for $10, three for $25 and five for $40)



Draw is Wednesday evening April 27 at 7 Pm at the home.  All welcome.

  1. Order on-line:  NOW CLOSED .  
  2. By phone:  NOW CLOSED.

Note:  Each ticket or ticket in a set must contain the same information.   If you wish to split sets of tickets (such as within an office setting) you should devise a document that explains which ticket number belongs to each individual or you may wish to use this Group Purchase Form.  Lottery management is not responsible for resolving any disputes which may arise between multiple purchasers.

If you have comments or suggestions don’t hesitate to contact us.   After all, this is our communities’ fundraiser!

Ticket prices:

Dream Home:  Still available are one for $100.  (Three for $250 and five for $400 are sold out)
Cash Jackpot 50-50™:  Still available are five for $40. (One for $10 & three for $25 are sold out)
Cash Cow Calendar:  SOLD OUT

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